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Here you will hear Christian audio mp3 downloads and audio streaming messages with a difference. We're starting small, but please keep coming back - new audio messages will be added on a continual basis. We believe that God is moving powerfully in hearts and minds in our generation but we need to hear His true voice among all of the distractions around us. Our aim is to provide an oasis of spiritual nourishment. Christian sermons, drama, opinion and plenty more in Christian mp3s
Newsletter #2 : January 2006

January 10th 2006 - special message.

Every ministry has one of those moments that we can call 'wilderness' moments. Times of testing, evaluation and examination as to why we are here, what we are doing and where we are going. GodsPod, though barely weeks old, has now reached such a time.

I suppose you could say that we are victims of our own success, which is satisfying, as it shows us that more and more people are being blessed by the material on our website, messages that we believe are quite unique and timely.

But we can't continue alone. Notwithstanding the sheer effort finding good messages and preparing them for broadcast, two things are missing from our ministry, two needs that have driven us deep into the wilderness. Firstly, it's hard to develop a ministry without an iota of feedback. Our stats tell us that every week more and more people are out there listening to our material yet, to date, we have only had a single email of encouragement. Secondly, because of the extra traffic, we have outstayed our welcome with our webhost and are now in a situation where we need to move to a dedicated server.

We have until the end of today to find around 500 to find a permanent home on a dedicated server that will give us the web space and bandwidth we need. If we don't then, from tomorrow, January 11th 2006, the website will be put on hold, with no audio downloads until (or if) funds arrive.

If we weren't the proverbial 'one man and his dog' and had the backing of a larger ministry then, of course, this would not be a problem as the funds we need are not large. But we don't even operate on a shoestring, rather a flimsy length of cotton!

If you can help us out, then you can send secure funds using the WorldPay system by clicking here.

All I can promise is that if the Lord leads us out of this wilderness, then the promised land will be packed with prophetic, life-affirming, relevant and educational messages from the cream of Christian and Messianic speakers.

Be blessed.

Steve Maltz

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